Tulifanya Studio, Beverley Peden
Original Hand Pulled Prints (etchings, monoprints, collograph, relief prints) and Original Paintings, Located on Beautiful Pender Island, British Columbia

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Hoping for a copy of the painting of the woman which hung in Maureen & Alex's home. Thanks for bringing back some good memories!
Jeanne Murphy - 1 Aug 2016
Great stuff. Keep it up. Sorry about health problems. Wishing you a very good year of the snake.
Nani Croze - 29 Jan 2013
Bev, your website is a good way for me to get to know more about you as a person and an artist. I like the site: the colours, the look & feel of it. It suits your work. I look forward to discovering your work in person and commend you for sharing what is real about true PRINTS and PRINTMAKING! What a great medium. All the best, Karen October 30/12
Karen Stanley - 30 Oct 2012
Dear Ms. Peden, As an avid art collector it is rare that I see such a unique form and indepth expression such has been shown in many of the pieces you have completed. As Africa is very quickly becoming a new market with significant growth potential I am confident that your work will be a major contribution to it cultural growth.
Marty Craig - 24 May 2012
really really nice......
joe - 8 Apr 2012
It was a joy to browse through your gallery Bev, some very beautiful work there! Look forward to seeing you sometime!
Nicola Cooper - 6 Jun 2011
Bev! Amazing work. I am sure you are the same Bev who thrilled us with your lovely voice back at the "commune" in Edmonton. You are so talented, seems like life has been good. Susan Highton
Susan Highton - 29 Mar 2011
Madam, It is quiet amazing how you could call back life over several cultures and blend it to produce a unification for all at ago. I am extremely amused about Women in Kabale the 2004 drawing. I takes me home though I am some hundreds of kilometers away. I wish many could be referred to this page so as to learn more about both life and culture outside our houses. Thank you and keep it up. Greetings from Uganda Africa and more so; in the beautiful hills of Kabale district.
Byarugaba charles - 17 Sep 2010
Mom, in my eyes, you are the best artist this world has to offer. I am so happy for you. After reading through your website, I feel like I have learned more about your passion for art,... especially print making. I could feel just how excited you were about seeing the final product of a run of prints. The anticipation of seeing the product of your creativity must be special. It was also a pleasure to view all your great paintings. I have several favourites which include "Belly of the Termite" and the triptych about Maurice. I love you mom. Consider me a permanent guest!
Derek Sewagudde Peden - 19 Aug 2010
Great article in Avid magazine. You highlight periods in which our travels in Africa overlapped in Kenya and Uganda. Brings back fond memories. I need to send you pictures of your three paintings hanging in our home from the early 90s painted in Uganda. I still remember your studios well in both countries. Your new studio situated among raised bed gardens surrounded by trees is so beautiful. I hope our paths cross again soon.
Anthony Vodraska - 19 Aug 2010
Ah the colours! The raw African energy so muted to our reality illustrates how a profound social ethos escapes our grasp...every time.
N. Nash - 19 Aug 2010
the website is user friendly and appealing. the exhibited works reflect the personality of the artist and her life long commitment to compassion and care for the diversely underprivileged i.e. abuse or material deprivation. quite transparently evident in painting such as muslim women or a gray morning or in prints of people interacting
reine ramon rothman - 18 Aug 2010
I really enjoyed wandering through the site Bev..best part was the picture of you in the new studio! love ya and wish you many happy years there!
Brooke Di Sipio - 17 Aug 2010
Great to be able to see and browse so much of your work. Really good setup.
Mishkin Peden - 17 Aug 2010
I just found a monotype print of yours 1/1 of zebre cows it hangs in my office. very cool
john chayes - 23 Jun 2010
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