Tulifanya Studio, Beverley Peden
Original Hand Pulled Prints (etchings, monoprints, collograph, relief prints) and Original Paintings, Located on Beautiful Pender Island, British Columbia

Something about the artist

Born in London, Ontario, and raised in the Niagara Region, I have lived in Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia for 20 years while pursuing life as a mother, wife and artist. Our family belonged to the Expatriate Tribe...fringe dwellers in other cultures and societies.  As a result, we have a synthesis of ideas and understandings that are particular to those who have shared experiences in other realities.   It has left us enriched by the diversity of global values, and has developed a distinct blend of characteristics reflective of the various cultures we have been part of. 

In this time of rapidly produced commercial giclee prints, one might wonder why I prefer to work with the older techniques of hand pulled prints.  For me, printmaking is a passion....it is an act of love....not marketing.  Continual investigation of an artistic process where one mark leads to another, and being focused on the work at each step is critical.  With monotype and collage, rather than pursuing a plan for something that has not yet happened, I find it important to be present, spiritually and emotionally, and listen to what the work is telling me, and to pay attention to the needs of the piece rather than impose my own plans onto it.

With etching and linocut, response to line, tone and composition allow for an attention to detail and methodical process that can be meditative in nature.  There is no other process that gives the same look.   There  is a brilliance to the colours of the inks, the adventure of the line, and the surprise when the print is first pulled through the press...and for the printmaker, the thrill of that first print cannot be duplicated in commercial reproduction, such as giclee.

I also still love the responsive nature of paint.  Entering into a dialogue with paint and canvas is a meditative zone which flows back and forth between the painting and the artist.  It is quite different from printmaking which can be more steeped in technique, but the two flow together quite well, informing each other of new ideas or images.

My ideas are greatly influenced by the teachings of the Baha'i Faith.  The understandings of interrelationships, unity and service have greatly been enhanced by these teachings, and they have played a key role in influencing my journey, both as an artist and a human being.  It has not been the only philosophical influence, but it seems to embrace all the principles I hold close to my heart. 

My art reflects the struggle, understanding and, ultimately, humour that accompany the many adjustments which work to combine my African and Canadian experiences. Seeking understanding, balance and synthesis, my work continues to find its expression in which ever medium I chose to work in...even cooking!    For me, the joy comes from the creative process and the revealed and discovered relationships, not necessarily the finished product.  Once a piece is finished, it is time for it to move from my studio to a new home where it can be enjoyed and inspire the essential element of the creative process....response.