Tulifanya Studio, Beverley Peden
Original Hand Pulled Prints (etchings, monoprints, collograph, relief prints) and Original Paintings, Located on Beautiful Pender Island, British Columbia


(posted on 26 Mar 2012)

As some of you know, I have been receiving treatment for breast cancer since September of 2011. My last radiation treatment was March 21st, which is also Naw Ruz...Bahaí New Year. Very auspicious!

Now that I have come past that point, my thoughts and efforts are turning towards the studio again. Don has been working hard at a major renovation to the printmaking studio with lots of cupboard space and more efficient use of the space I have. I'm very grateful for his efforts. It should be functional in a couple of weeks. I will be having more open studio time this year, so if any of you visit Pender, please feel free to stop by for a visit.

I've decided this year not to participate in the Red Tree Gallery. The members have been wonderfully supportive during this past period of time, and I will be sad leave. It is time for me to focus more time on developing new work, and for that I am looking forward to some productive times. I have also met a new printmaker on the island, Don Goedbleod, and I am quite excited to have a new printmaker on Pender to exchange ideas and energy with. He will also be on the Pender Island Artists' Map, so please look for him.

A new direction for me is to participate as a member of the Trincomali Arts Council Board...lots of learning curve ahead of me there.

So, here is an invitation to stop by often to see new work, to visit my studio, and to stop by the market and say hello. 2012 will be a very good year....

Warm regards to you all,