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(posted on 18 Jul 2012)

Ground Zero is sponsoring a project for the celebration of Victoria's 150 year anniversary. As members of Ground Zero Printmakers Society, there are about 18 of the artist members, including myself, who are participating.

The first stage is to go and work plien air in seven chosen historical sites around Victoria. We were asked to choose at least three sites to work in, and be available to the public for sharing with them the various processes we were working in. This exercise was to gather material for development into plates and images later, and to offer to the public the opportunity to see how an artist might gather information for their work.

The second stage is a series of open studios located at the Fisgard Studio, China Town, of Alain Costaz and Victoria Edgarr. This is the home of Ground Zero Printmakers Society. These open studios offer demonstrations by the artists of the next stage of development for their work, and an opportunity to take to the artists more about what they are doing and why. I was attending at the first one, and demonstrated the use of polyester lithograph plates.

The next step is for all the artists to submit 5 copies of an edition of a print they have generated from this project, along with a small write up about who they are, and something about the work. This is due in August.

These prints will be collated into a presentation album to be presented at City Hall in October.

For me, there is more surgery scheduled on July 25th to have a hip replacement, so I am under a bit of pressure to finish my prints sooner, as I doubt I'll be terribly mobile for a few weeks.

So, here are some pictures.....

Step one....having my inked plate ready on the floor, I get some paper ready to print on.

Inking the "matrix"

Printing the matrix

The first step of the final print....no pun intended

Working on preparing the polyester lithograph plates for the next stage of printing.